Looking back at 2013

some highs & lows

Our 3D printed business cards

2013 was the year that our superheroes went global. Because our agency celebrated its 5th anniversary we decided to turn our own 2D superhero avatars ‘alive’.

By getting them full-color 3D printed we now know for sure these cards won't end up on just another pile and stay top of mind. Or at least top of desk.

Simyo voted number one

Like us, this orange colored telecom provider had a great year. They became the number 1 telecom provider of the Netherlands; reviewed by 'de Consumentenbond' (Dutch consumers union).

We've used 2013 to up their game by scrumming their website and service channels to the next level and made their website fully responsive.

new super heroes

3D printed business cards

new Resoluut website

Adobe Fireworks Crashes

fresh interns

new sisters (Mr. Koreander & Curiosity Amsterdam)


2013 was also the year of insurance company Zelf. We redefined their on- and offline presence. From corporate-identity & tone-of-voice to the photography and their weblog.

Together with the copy wizards at Mr. Koreander we'll continue to spread the Zelf gospel.


Some new tires, a new battery and a complete new body. It was time for a fresh start for the online Dutch car marketplace Auto Trader.

We've navigated them in a new direction. This way we weren't only refreshing its look & feel, we've also enhanced their services. Check our showcase.

Your car? Find it, sell it.

Operation Zilveren Kruis

Several embedded squad-teams went on a covert & agile operation inside this Dutch number one healthcare insurance company.

This resulted in a fresh online identity on a fully responsive online platform. With a pinch of native app and a tablespoon of rock-solid online campaign.

Broken interface

A lot of our work is tailor made for the much criticized new operating system from Apple. With the first launch of iOS7 we were a bit disappointed.

Want to know why? Read the article that Micha wrote about it.

5 september 2013

Philippe Remarque, chief editor of Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant, gives a sneak preview of our work on their new digital ecosystem on primetime talkshow De Wereld Draait Door.

On a screen near you soon.

Super Savvy

We're not really the shirt-wearing types here at Resoluut. But when they asked us to come up with an awesome design for their new shirt subscription service we didn't hesitate for a moment.

Want to have a monthly updated uniform for succes? Check Savvy.

Broken controller

No. It's not only all work and no play for us. And yes, there were some real lows this year as well.

We like a good game of Mario Smash Football on our gamecube. We actually like it so much that Otto broke a controller this year. And he tried to repair it...

It's all in your pocket

User stories, sprintplanning, grooming and sprintdemo's. In a packed scrumroom these words were buzzing around on a daily basis.

We actually managed to push a 5 star rated telecom app to the stores. It enables Simyo customers to get insight in their usage and change their bundle whenever they like.

Have a look at the Mijn Simyo app for iOS and Android.

Broken 3D business cards

We made our superhero avatars into 3D business cards.

Although they are all superhoes, unfortunately they're not unbreakable. In this particular case lot of them got wrecked during the delivery process...

So, it has been a great year

A year full of highs, with some minor lows.
We are looking forward to a great 2014!

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By the way...

Our pixeled colleague Frank from Makerstreet somehow photobombed the teampicture we've shot in Prague...

Elmar and Eric unfortunately missed the plane to the Czech capital.